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Before We Begin

Writing is about communicating, but to achieve deep understanding through any form of communication is not an easy task. The task is even more difficult when introducing new concepts that are alien to us. We can even get hung up on the prelude to an idea, especially when it is inconsistent with our own belief. We can become defensive. Instead opening up, we end up protecting the old and missing the new. If you find our belief does not align with yours in these writing, I ask you in kind to be patient and hear our underlying message. When in doubt, instead discard it, leave the idea behind in the realm of possibility and remember it is there.

All of OneOnian ideas are original, produced during moments of flow and collected over a number of years. I will share those that have proven to be astute in helping real people gaining insightful understanding with their own situations. I hope these writings will awake our inner self, enhance our intelligence and increase our awareness. If I can succeed in reaching a few then in time many will be better.

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