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A view on tradition (B004)

Today is the Chinese New Year. The most important holiday in the Chinese culture. Watching the 39th annual spring festival gala on...

Waking up with Why (B001)

Have you been putting off the things that you want to do? Like that new year resolution? Or doing something that you knowingly shouldn't...

WFC Worth Another Look

I had held WFC for a long time until they run into ethical issues and with the Government litigations last year. I divest all of my WFC...

Stock Reaching New Peak

I was worried Stock may be too high come into this new high. I am even more concerned now. Today, I looked through all my portfolio...

OneOnian Youtube Channel

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Before We Begin

Writing is about communicating, but to achieve deep understanding through any form of communication is not an easy task. The task is even...

OneOnian Principles

Remember why we write "To write down one's insights expecting that someday they will be read with awe by posterity would be in most cases...

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