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Know your audience - A new perspective that will change your life (Part 1) (B005)

A lot of teachings have gone into this topic of know your audience, whether it's talking to a large group of people or writing the next bestseller. You are taught to get to know your audience so you can better relate. Why? To sell your topic. It is selling, isn't it? It doesn't matter if it's a service, a product, a story, or an idea whatever it might be. You are selling.

I emphasized the word selling because it is easier to understand that you are in the process of inducing actions to achieve some specific goals. This kind of energy of aiming and achieving happens all around us. It is what we call success. Yes, to a lot of people, life is a big marketing game in a market place we call success.

I want to introduce a new meaning. Giving unconventional meaning to conventional wisdom will help you trigger different perspectives the next time you hear those words. This time it will be a different kind of energy. In fact, firing up a new set of neurons for reprogramming will change your life.

(It has been a long day ... let's continue tomorrow.)

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