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When it gets a little tougher (B003)

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

My wife fell while holding the baby yesterday. The baby is ok but my wife fractured her shoulder bone. So it is going to be a little rougher for the next few months during her treatment and recovery.

And for many of us, things are already tough in dealing with Covid, coping with the old challenges and the new. So what do we do when tough get a little tougher?

The lyric "what doesn't kill you, make you stronger" is a good lyric, but not always true. Know your limit. If you take more than you can handle, mentally or physically, it could leave an everlasting effect. For example, if you get Covid, you may recover, but your lungs may never be the same.

The best way to fight when things get tough is to be prepared. Fail to plan is plan to fail. If you have a backup plan when there is an emergency, then you may ward off the situation a little bit better. But more importantly, it is your mental assertiveness. If you know you can, then you already won the battle. In these tough situations, mind over body. Having a positive mindset is important. It gives strength.

How about if things are unexpected, never tried, or catastrophic? Then having a positive mindset is even more important. Again mind over body. If your mind gives up, your body will follow. We are capable of unbelievable strength, more than you think you can.

And no matter how difficult if it's not terminal, know that the time never stops, everything will pass. Think back to your most difficult time in life, that too was the past.

And finally, sometimes, Kelly Clarkson is right.

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