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Grow Your Creative Mind (B002)

What makes us different than all other animals? We have an identity of self and we are capable of creating through imagination. Technology can one day replace all of our body parts because their functions are static and defined, but technology can never replace our minds because their creations are dynamic and boundless.

We have this invaluable asset, yet most of us fail to take advantage of it. We are all guilty of this to some degree. But it's true that the more we use it, the better it becomes.

Today we are surrounded by a world of rhetoric claims and false claims. If we don't use what separates us from the animals to progress then we regress, not in forms but in beings.

How much time do you spend thinking? On average, not enough.

How much time in positive thinking? Not in fears, hates, regrets, vengeance, and damning thoughts, but in fruitful, loving, fulfilling, empowering, and creative thoughts.

If we make a mental list of all our thoughts in a day. That's a good start. If we tilt more thoughts towards the positive ones and do more of it, that's a good progression. A start and A Progression.

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