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Waking up with Why (B001)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Have you been putting off the things that you want to do? Like that new year resolution? Or doing something that you knowingly shouldn't but do it anyway because of lack of willpower? Maybe as simple as hitting that snooze button until you can't snooze anymore?

We have those days. We could all overcome it.

To replenish your willpower, find your reason, find your why. Put it out to the world, make that self-proclamation, if it helps. Have a positive influence around you so you are encouraged. Turn off that thing that holds you back, so you are not deterred.

I am making the self-proclamation to wake up early in the morning and to get back on my daily routine, so I can unleash my life force. We are all capable of great things. We are all capable of being that great person that we admire. For me, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Krisnamurtis, Laozi. We don't know what we can become if we are not becoming. It has two elements, a start and a progression.

Life is short. You are the maker of your life. If you can make your life to be exactly how you wish to be, would you not do it. Cherish life. Be grateful to the gift of living. We only live once. It all starts with waking up. A start and A progression.

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